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Friday, March 2, 2007

three meals in hong kong

We took a trip to Hong Kong over the longish holidays for Chinese New Year. I found the city had changed quite a bit since I was there last three years ago. More people from mainland China reshaping the former Bristish colony, I guess. I went with high hopes of getting some sketching done, but it drizzled almost all the time we were there. Also, this time around I steered clear of the malls and swankier eating places and instead walked the smaller streets and alleys, haggled at the flea markets and dined like a king at the smaller stalls.

The lamp was unbelievably red and I saw the proudest rooster straddle a pile of coins.

Dim Sum for breakfast: the menu was in Cantonese and the restaurant staff had no English whatsoever, so we simply pointed at random items and got lucky. This picture shows but two of the twelve items we ended up sampling. Gluttons.

A little shrine at the end of Stanley Market.

Roasted goose (a first) and cow's intestines (the honeycomb lookalike, another first) for lunch. I was a tad apprehensive about the intestines, but they turned out pretty tasty in a crunchy way.

The ubiquitous neon signs along Nathan Road.

Stir-fried pork and vegetable noodles.
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